R.I.P. Cone-ing/Coning

09.15.11 3 Comments

It appears as though cone-ing (Or is it “coning?” Why can’t we settle on a single spelling, people? I swear, this is the Gaddafi of memes!), that crazy meme started by a foreign comedian in which people videoed themselves ordering ice cream cones at drive-thrus and receiving them by palming the cones, is over, though it’s had a nice little run. Judging by the video above, managers at fast food joints around the country are over it, tired of being the butt of a cruel internet joke, and are refusing to take it any more. It was fun while it lasted, but yeah — it’s over. Though really a strong argument can be made that it was over the moment Justin Bieber got involved.

Cone-ing/coning: 2011-2011. Never forget.

(HT: Buzzfeed)

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