R.I.P. Colonel Meow, Your Minions Shall Remember You Always

The Internet has lost a true icon this week, as Anne Marie Avey took to Facebook today to announce that her lovable and immensely popular pet cat, Colonel Meow, passed away yesterday. As Avey stated that she’ll reveal more details of the colonel’s passing once she’s had a few days to grieve, Meow’s “minions” have been flocking to his Facebook page to express condolences and offer respect to their hero. Only a week ago, the colonel, who I do not believe was actually in the military, expressed gratification that one of his nemeses, Justin Bieber, was in jail. Today, he’s looking down from the farm up north in the sky and probably laughing at Bieber for being arrested again.

Last September, Colonel Meow was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the cat with the longest hair in the world. Alas, after two months of walking taller than millions of other cats, Col. Meow suffered a heart ailment in November, and his future looked bleak. Amazingly, Internet strangers scrambled to help raise $15,000 so Col. Meow could get his treatment and go home to his family. Today, those same people can smile, knowing that they helped buy the seemingly angry furball a little extra time with the people that adopted him several years ago.

God speed, good Colonel. May there be no Bieber where you’ve traveled to, unless it’s only footage of his prison sentencing. Always remember one cat’s story of redemption and world domination…

(Banner via Getty, portrait via Chronoperates)