‘Radio Free Albemuth’ Finally Combines Philip K. Dick And Alanis Morissette

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05.06.14 8 Comments

Way, way, waaaaaay back in 2007 you might remember news that Philip K. Dick’s novel Radio Free Albemuth had been adapted into a movie. Said movie promptly disappeared! Only now, it’s reappeared and will apparently be coming out next month!

As you might guess, having spent seven years in the can has not been good to this particular movie. And yes, that’s Robin Sparkles, er, Alanis Morissette See for yourself:

For those unfamiliar, Radio Free Albemuth is essentially Dick working through his personal problems and religious philosophy, and a book so subtle Dick is a main character who ends the book in a concentration camp. Essentially it’s Atlas Shrugged for pretentious stoners; not to make light of Dick’s personal experiences, but come on, you read that summary and you winced, admit it. The book was rewritten into the far better VALIS.

While it’s true Dick has been the source of some truly great cinema, like the underrated A Scanner Darkly, this feels a bit more Screamers than Blade Runner. We’ll know pretty quickly either way; Radio Free Albemuth comes out June 27th.

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