Random Bear Attacks And Starting Forest Fires Are All Part Of The Game In 'Far Cry 3'

11.20.12 7 years ago 4 Comments

Far Cry 3 arrives near the end of this month, and while we’ve seen plenty of trailers highlighting the title’s twisted druggy storyline, the actual gameplay that will tie the freaky story bits together has remained more mysterious. Well, thankfully Ubisoft is finally taking the shroud off their latest sprawling, open world playground — a tropical paradise, packed with a wide variety of wild animals, each with their own unique behavior patterns. Oh, and unlike Far Cry 2, which conveniently only contained passive plant eaters, Far Cry 3’s world will contain human flesh loving tigers, leopards and uh, bears? These are some goddamn strange islands.

Hit the jump for the trailer…


So, you can just burn down the forest and everyone in it? Um, then why would I ever want to do anything else?

Oh, hey and here’s a multiplayer trailer…


I’ll be easy to pick out when playing online — I’ll be the guy who just burns down the forest every time regardless of the objective. Fire fire fire firefirefire, hee hee hee.

via PC Gamer

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