The Rap Coloring Book Is Here To Help You Delightfully Pass The Time

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11.01.12 5 Comments

With the internet depleted and operating at less than 100%, and television seemingly unwatchable until 10PM EST tonight, you may find yourself looking for something fun and pop culture-y to pass the time today. Don’t fret — a rap legend, a tank top enthusiast, and Tumblr are here to help. Introducing Bun B’s Jumbo Coloring And Rap Activity:

“It’s like one of those coloring books that kids have, except way less boring. Curated by award-winning rap legend Bun B. Illustrated by tank top enthusiast Shea Serrano. For rap fans, mostly.”

They’ve been creating these good times interactive images for a couple of weeks now, and as you can tell from the above they are just what the doctor ordered (the “i” is dotted!) even if you’re not a hip hop enthusiast. I’ve included my five favorites here. Oh, how Tom and Jean Ralphio would have loved Tupac connect the dots…

Rap Coloring Book

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