Kid Passed Out At ‘Michigan Party For The Record Books’ Finally Speaks Out, Gives Amazing Interview

Last week, we told you about a bro who threw a “party for the record books.” An insane 2000 person rave at a farm house in Mecosta County, a rural area in western Michigan. 20-year-old James Taylor, the organizer of the party, gave local news a brief glimpse into what went down. During that interview, cameras panned to a man passed out on the floor, some 12 hours after the rave had concluded. That man become a viral sensation, an internet hero of sorts.

Here is the GIF heard ’round the world.

We now know the identity of the man thanks in large part to this amazing interview with Vocativ. His name is Ray Hulin. He is a 27-year-old rapper that goes by the name of Ratchet. No, I’m not lying, this is real life. Ratchet said the scene of him laying on the floor was not staged adding, “I was really laying there, bro. That’s where I was at.” He even recreated the moment in slow motion for cameras. Ratchet is the best, obviously.

[protected-iframe id=”9a5f3df257c151c78cf4fbe6ff5ff534-60970621-10222937″ info=”” width=”650px” height=”434px”]

Wait, so “Ratchet” lost both his phones and walked five hours to the next county over? Man, we need a reality series called “Five Hours with Ratchet.” Someone get to work on that ASAP.

(via Nezzy21)