Read This Insanely Comprehensive List Of DealBreakers A Guy Posted On A Dating Site

This was posted to Tumblr almost a year ago, but the internet is only just now starting to catch on to it. A woman named Emily received a message from a guy on OK Cupid, but before responding to him checked out his profile and found the following list of clear over one hundred items on his “Don’t Message Me If…” section. So being the ever-viligant douche-shaming woman that I assume Emily to be, she took screen shots and posted them to her Tumblr page for posterity.

Behold, random guy’s dealbreakers:

OK yeah, so maybe it’s pretty douchey to list them all out like this, and even though there are a handful here that even apply to me (*cough* browsing photos of cats is an activity for you *cough*) — I have to admit, a lot of these are not unreasonable. Who wants to date a a bad tipper, or someone who belittles transgender people, or takes up too much space on the sidewalk while looking down at their phones? Those are all the worst kind of people.

I mean hell. My husband is one of those people who crowds the person in front of him in line at the grocery store, as if someone invading another human being’s personal space will somehow make the line go faster. Perhaps if I had had a dealbreaker list of my own, I would have avoided many potentially uncomfortable moments at the grocery store in my life.

(Tumblr via Guyism)