Ridiculously Fat Cat In Need Of A Good Home

04.23.12 5 Comments

There are fat cats, and then there are FAT cats.

Animal Humane of Santa Fe is trying to adopt out a 39-pound cat that was recently surrendered by its owner.

Meow arrived at the shelter several days ago after the 87-year-old owner said she could no longer take care of her.

The owner told employees Meow was 2 years old, was fit as a kitten but suddenly ballooned.

The cat should be about 12 pounds, according to veterinarians who say 39 pounds for a cat is equivalent to a 600-pound man.

I wish I lived closer to Santa Fe because I would seriously consider adopting this cat. Just start feeding it some Iams and put it on a treadmill for a few minutes every day and it’ll be fit in a matter of months. Poor thing probably can’t fit into a litter box in its present state. What the hell was its previous owner feeding it — a Betty Draper diet of Bugles and ice cream?

Here’s a news report a TV station in Albuquerque did on “Meow.”

C’mon UPROXX readers! Somebody step up to the plate and give this cat a good home. And if you do, please change it’s name to “America.” I think that’s a much more fitting name.

(HT: Laughing Squid)

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