The First Clip From ‘Dredd’ Is A Spot Of The Old Ultraviolence

A 3D Judge Dredd remake (titled Dredd) is coming out September 21st. I wasn’t sold on it when I saw the first trailer and pictures, but we’re hearing good things out of San Diego Comic Con. Karl Urban and costar Olivia Thirlby introduced the screening at SDCC, with Urban referencing the Stallone version by joking that fans of lycra and gold codpieces would be disappointed.

Fans of “hard R” action films, on the other hand, probably won’t be disappointed, if the red band clip below is any indication. Last time we wrote about Dredd, we asked, “But does he shoot people in the face?” The clip has the answer, and now we have to ask a different question. Does anybody not get shot in the face? Holy crap. Everyone gets shot in the face. In slow motion. And 3D. With blood and teeth bits flying everywhere.

It appears screenwriter Alex Garland and director Pete Travis have actually read the comics. Although we don’t know if they incorporated any of the British satire of American ’70s revenge flicks and the American police state that John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra originally covered.

The ultraviolent first clip is below. It’s very likely NSFW due to violence, but you could try watching it at work anyway. You have to ask yourself, do you feel lucky, punk?

(H/T: Bleeding Cool)