People Are Angry About Reese’s Christmas Tree Candies, And It Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Reese’s holiday versions of their famous peanut butter candies are treat that has been around for years now, expanding from offerings at Halloween and Christmas to an almost year-round product. It’s that fact that only helps to make this current “outrage” seem even more strange.

It would seem that people are noticing their Christmas tree Reese’s candy isn’t coming out shaped like a Christmas tree. Instead, it’s looking like a glob of chocolate and peanut butter:

I also have a lot of questions, mostly revolving around your fascination with the shape of a candy tree you’re going to eat a second later. The folks over at Delish have a solution for this, keeping with the festive nature of the season:

As disappointing as these Christmas blobs are, we think we’ve gotten down to the bottom of this tree-shape quality issue. Basically, the Grinch broke into Reese’s headquarters and replaced the Christmas tree mold with the Easter Egg mold to cause mass hysteria and confusion.

Makes sense to me. The worst part of the situation is that Ashwee isn’t alone up above. There are quite a few people noticing the same thing:

Luckily — before we suggest that all these folks be shipped off to a work camp — some folks are shining through the darkness to provide sense on the matter:

And our friend Zach Wagner makes a fine point by pointing to the silver lining and possibly licking any left over chocolate from it:

So what if your candy trees look like candy eggs instead? They both taste the same and you’re going to die slowly either way. Enjoy what little things you can in life and quit worrying about a small thing like the shape of your candy. Let’s worry more about why Hi-C waited years to bring back Ecto Cooler. Bastards.

(Via Delish)