Remember That 'Xbox Holodeck' We Told You About? It's Real And Called 'IllumiRoom'

Scanning room…Sony and Nintendo products detected…initializing destruction sequence…

So, a few months back we showed you some Microsoft patents for a system that would project visuals on the walls around you, effectively turning an entire room into a game environment. Well, looks like those patents are actually going to come to fruition — yesterday a CES Microsoft announced IllumiRoom. That’s the name you’re going with Microsoft? Okay, sure.

Hit the jump for an IllumiRoom hype video…

Okay, first reaction — this isn’t holodeck quality! Lame!

Second reaction — well of course it isn’t. The holodeck isn’t a real thing. This still has the potential to make games more immersive.

Third reaction — This thing is going to give me a headache and make me want to barf, isn’t it?

Soooo yeah, I dunno. What do you folks think?

via Kotaku