Remote-Controlled Flying Shark And Clownfish? Yes Please.

After the jump are several videos (and one .gif) of Air Swimmers, a $40 toy released in July which floats around using helium from any local business which sells helium (or from the back of our totally legit party van, the one with “free cAndY” painted on the side).  The toy comes in shark and clownfish varieties, is made of refillable nylon, and takes four AAA batteries (three for the controller, one on the toy).  It can move up, down, and do full turns but is for indoor use only, which totally ruins our plans to set a marauding horde of floating landsharks loose at the beach.

The official site currently can’t take any orders because they completely underestimated the demand for flying sharks.  Never underestimate sharks, you guys.  We’re going to need a bigger server.

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