Ren Faire Held Up With Swords By Guys In Plate Armor. No, Seriously.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been to a renaissance faire at least once. The turkey legs are overpriced and the “mead” tastes suspiciously like Bud Light with honey in it, but they’re usually a fun date and hey, swords!

Except this particular ren faire went decidedly more Winterfell than the Shire. A bunch of thieves in full knight kit attacked the main tent early Monday morning with a sword and an axe, thumped a few people, and made off with about $25,000 or so in festival revenues.

Yes, it sounds like an Onion article, especially when you discover that all this happened in a town called Bitche. But it turns out that Bitche, near Germany, hosts one of the biggest ren faires in France. Seriously, I checked every single fact I could find about this article and it really does seem to be legit.

OK, be honest, how many of you are thinking, “Man, I wish I’d thought of that”?

image courtesy Python (Monty) Ltd.