‘Resident Evil: Revelations’, The Best Resident Evil Game In Nearly A Decade, Is Getting A Console Port

If you were a regular reader of this blog in 2012 you’re probably already tired of me singing the praises of Resident Evil: Revelations. In a year that was mostly pretty awful for the Resident Evil franchise, Revelations was a shining beacon of what should be done with the series. A great mix of classic Resident Evil atmosphere and level design, and modern mechanics.

Unfortunately the game came out on the 3DS with absolutely no promotion from Capcom, so nobody bought it (the lousy Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City sold nearly twice as many copies). Well hey, good news people who only like to play their horror games on consoles — Resident Evil: Revelations is being ported to the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U!

Hit the jump for a new teaser trailer…

For those who have already played the game, the new version will, of course, sport HD graphics, as well as some new enemies and a beefed up co-op “Raid Mode”. Whether that’s worth $50 is up to you (yeah, Capcom’s going to try to sell this thing for a full 50 clams). If you haven’t played the 3DS version of Revelations, then I say go for it — trade in Raccoon City and RE6, and have some fun with a Resident Evil game again. The game hits this May.

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