"Revival" Is the First Zombie Comic In A While That Might Be Worth Reading

Ever since “The Walking Dead” became a hit, and then was turned into one of the highest-rated scripted series currently on the air, comics publishers have been chasing that undead gold to painfully mixed results. And Image seems to pop out another damn zombie book every other week, when they really should be putting that money toward more “Bulletproof Coffin”.

But “Revival”, written by Tim Seeley, actually looks pretty interesting. The basic premise is cribbed a bit from the French drama “Les Revenants”, aka “They Came Back”, in that the dead are not trying to eat people, they’re trying to come back to their everyday lives. There’s more to it than that, obviously, what with the preview art showing injured horses and what appears to be an alien.

But it’s a welcome spin on a concept that’s been beaten into a slimy paste, and we’ll be giving it a read when it hits in July.