A Strange Conspiracy Theory Combines A Missing Richard Simmons And Witchcraft

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2010 World Fitness Day

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Who doesn’t love Richard Simmons? Some folks may not be a fan of his Sweatin’ With The Oldies fitness videos, but the man had style. Well, perhaps that’s an overstatement. He had enthusiasm for his subject matter, and something is amiss. The ebullient Simmons hasn’t been seen in public for two years, which seems odd for such a beloved figure. To push the obligatory press statements out of the way, Simmons’ official rep tells People that everything is fine with the 67-year-old lover of exercise. He’s taking a break, hanging out in a behind-the-scenes capacity, and retooling for the future.

Does this 2013 photo — which represents how Simmons has embraced the camera for many years — reveal an exercise guru in need of a break?

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

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