Rob Ford Can’t Stop Being Rob Ford And Now Has Beef With Justin Bieber

UPDATE: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Is Taking A Break Because Of This New Crack Video

Rob Ford just can’t seem to catch a break, mostly because he refuses to stop being Rob Ford. First there’s word that he’s officially “ready to take a break” from his re-election campaign in Toronto, the result of another crack smoking video tape. Second, he’s locked in a feud with fellow Canadian Justin Bieber. From USA Today:

The video, which would be the second showing Ford smoking the substance, was allegedly filmed Saturday morning in the basement of the mayor’s sister, the Globe and Mail reports.

The video is part of a package of three a self=professed drug dealer says was secretly taped at about 1:15 a.m. Saturday morning, according to the news organization.

Earlier, the Toronto Sun reported exclusively that the mayor, who has been the subject of numerous news reports alleging he has been under the influence in public or has used colorful language, is now ready to get help.

Ford has told the news organization that he is “ready to take a break” from his mayoral reelection campaign to “go get help.”

Elsewhere, Michael Cooke from the Toronto Star is reporting that Rob Ford had a very negative encounter with one Justin Bieber at a nightclub where Bieber reportedly asked the mayor if he “had any crack cocaine.”

One can only assume that Ford won’t be so quick to defend the boy who cried “hey girl” here in the near future. I assume “get help” is code for rehab, but I’m hoping the second bit of news alludes to a bit more for this self-imposed break.Ford’s likely going to go underground and put together a Canadian kill squad with Alan Thicke and a few others to take care Bieber. Maple syrup and tears will fill the streets.

I’m sure there will be more on this story tomorrow, but just know that this is basically like fresh chum in the water. The sharks are circling fast.

(Via USA Today / Michael Cooke)