Robin Williams’ Beard Wants To Sell You Zelda, Name Your Daughter

Look, I realize that not everyone is a Robin Williams fan. While personally I’d gladly exchange sexual favors with the man, I can understand where this would not be for everyone. And I’m sure that most of you Non-Rob’s are probably terrorists, but nevertheless you can’t deny complimenting the hell out of this guy’s beard. I mean, my God! That facial hair could sell me cancer, literally. It’s like an improved version of the Dos Equis guy, if only he used more dick jokes when he spoke. Well, awesome beard aside, Robin Williams is also a big video game geek. So much, in fact, that he even named his daughter after…wait for it…Princess Zelda. True story.

So, who better to star in Nintendo’s new commercial for the 3DS version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D than Mr. Robin Williams and his own daughter? “No one” is the correct answer. Well, actually, I suppose maybe both Van Damme’s from Double Impact could sell the sh*t out of some Zelda games, but still, Robin Williams, his daughter and his beard ain’t half bad either.

Video after the jump:

[via G4tv]