Robin Williams Tributes In The World Of Warcraft Have Leaked Early

Last month, World Of Warcraft fans successfully petitioned Blizzard to add a tribute to fellow WoW player Robin Williams to the game. Now members of Wowhead have discovered several apparent tributes to Williams in a beta version of the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion. The first one discovered in-game is this genie, found in an Ever-Burning Lamp on an island near Talador.

When you rub the lamp, this genie named Robin jumps out, yelling “INFINITE COSMIC POWER” then waves goodbye while shrinking back into the lamp, saying, “itty bitty living space”, a reference to Williams’ character in Aladdin.

Wowhead also discovered a character named Robin who looks a bit like Mork and is near a large broken egg like the one Mork traveled to Earth in on the series Mork and Mindy.

They also found some toys somewhat similar to the ones in Toys and found another NPC named Robin who might be dressed a bit like Mrs. Doubtfire.

You can read about one more possible tribute and see bigger versions of these pictures over at Wowhead. Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up.