Robot Chicken Spoof Is The Best Thing About Force Unleashed 2

Oh, George Lucas. Why is that Star Wars parodies  are often so much more entertaining than the officially licensed works? It’s almost as if you don’t know how to use your own characters.

In fact, it’s almost exactly like that.

Case in point: this Robot-Chicken-made commercial for Force Unleashed 2. Now, sure it was approved by Lucasfilm, but we’re damn sure that they wouldn’t have pointed out the ridiculousness of the game’s plot without the Robot Chicken writers…because they’re the ones that came up with it.

(And are we the only ones who’ve started imagining Seth McFarlane’s voice whenever the Emperor pops up in the original films? If Lucas redubbed his lines with McFarlane, we’d watch that special edition…and it wouldn’t be any more ridiculous than that “Jedi Rocks” dance number.)

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