Robot Has a Steady Diet Of… Landmines?

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07.21.11 2 Comments

Landmines are a serious risk the world over. Years after an occupying force leaves, they can kill and maim innocent civilians, ruining families and livelihoods, especially in the Third World. In other words, these people could really use a cheap, easy-to-fix, landmine munching robot. Oh, wait! Here’s one!
The Digger D-3 is the absolute epitome of “not screwing around”: it pounds the earth with tungsten hammers that drive nearly a foot into the ground. It’s made almost entirely of hardened steel, with the hull specially designed to redirect the force of the blast outward, away from the robot. As a result, it can chew through 10,000 square feet an hour.
It was also designed to be simple to repair, and the plans come with the robot, so you can even build your own spare parts if you have the necessary tools and materials. In short, for once a robot is being used for good. Video of the D-3 pounding mines to scrap on the next slide.

Frankly, I would have chosen music much more suitable for a robot like this:

[ via the Dig-Dugs at Automaton ]

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