Roll Out: 'Katamari Damacy' Coming To PS3

The Prince will be coming back to the PlayStation this week, and he’s bringing his giant sticky balls with him.
The original game, for those who aren’t familiar, is best shown rather than described:

Back in 2004, the game became a cult hit for its bizarre but ridiculously fun gameplay, insanely catchy soundtrack, and deep, rich, throbbing veins of subtext. There’s never really been anything quite like it before or since, even with multiple sequels being turned out, and the original game is even officially Art in some snobbier corners.

Still, the franchise was never quite as good as the original, simple game, and that will be coming to PS3 in the form of a PS2 Classic. PS2 Classics tend to be just the game as it originally stood, so the graphics will stay the same, there won’t be any trophies, and there won’t be online multiplayer.

Just you, a Prince, and the job of giving him some enormous balls. We never thought that’d be something we can’t wait to do again, and we’ll all get our chance tomorrow.