A Man Has Died After Being Hit By The ‘Raptor’ Rollercoaster At Cedar Point Amusement Park

A man died earlier today at Cedar Point amusement park after going into a restricted area to look for a lost cell phone. The restricted area was connected to the ‘Raptor,’ an inverted coaster that, according to WKYC, reaches a speed of up to 57 miles per hour. WKYC reports that the man has been identified as 45-year-old James A. Young, of East Canton, Ohio.

While emergency services tried to resuscitate Young after he was hit, he allegedly died on the scene when chest compressions failed. The park has released a statement, saying that their prayers are with the family.

According to reports, no one else was injured. Riders remained on the coaster, suspended above the man for approximately ten minutes after the incident. The park did not close.

(Via WKYC)