Ron DeSantis Got Pelted With Nancy Sinatra Jokes After He Toured Hurricane Ian Damage While Wearing Pristine White Boots

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is getting roasted after showing up to survey damage from Hurricane Ian while wearing a staggeringly white pair of rain boots without a trace of dirt on them. It also didn’t help that DeSantis wore the boots during a staged photo op that forced relief workers to pause their efforts while the governor was on the scene.

Volunteers reportedly grew angry after working diligently to provide much needed supplies after the damaging storm only for DeSantis to come in and pause their efforts. A tense exchange took place with state troopers who seemed sympathetic to the relief workers. Via ABC Action News:

“I don’t give a rat’s ass,” one woman yelled.

“Personally, I want you to go over there,” one state trooper told Nelson. “I want you to get as much supplies to help these people out.”

“So, legally, why can I not?” Nelson asked.

“Our hands are tied,” the trooper said.

“I’m not trying to be rude,” Nelson told him. “But, we’ve been doing this very thing one street over, and the only reason we are not over there…”

“Is because the governor’s coming…I understand,” the trooper responded.

Meanwhile, DeSantis got roundly roasted on Twitter as the Nancy Sinatra jokes started flying. The governor’s awkward footwear proved to be an irresistible target as people dunked on the blatant photo op.

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via ABC Action News)