A Reporter Waded Into Hurricane Ian’s Flood Waters To Rescue A Nurse From Her Trapped Vehicle

The arrival of The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore never bodes well, and Hurricane Ian continues to pack a wallop. This week, Cantore felt the brunt of Mother Nature while getting whacked by a tree in Tampa, Florida. And in Orlando, a reporter for CNN affiliate WESH performed a daring rescue of a nurse whose vehicle got trapped in rising flood waters as she attempted to make her way to work (hurricane dangers ain’t no joke). Fortunately, the parties in this story are all safe and accounted for as the storm continues to churn away.

CNN affiliate WESH reporter Tony Atkins waded into flooding caused by Hurricane Ian to assist the stranded nurse. The cable news network posted video of the heroic act, in which Tony Atkins carried the woman on his back while they made their way to slightly drier ground.

Even though the woman’s car engine probably didn’t make it, she walked away with her life and she also made it to work. As Atkins later revealed on Twitter, the woman’s daughter sent a thank you note in his direction. “Her job as a nurse hung in the balance, according to her daughter,” wrote Atkins. “So glad things worked out. #NoCarNoProblem.”

All things considered, this is a miraculous story, especially considering the damage that this storm has wrought. Here’s a WESH video showing a roof being torn off in Daytona Beach. Stay safe out there, everyone.

(Via CNN & WESH)