Weather Channel Reporter Jim Cantore Got Whacked By A Flying Tree Branch While Reporting From The Scene Of Hurricane Ian

Whenever The Weather Channel reporter Jim Cantore arrives in your town, seek shelter. The death-defying meteorologist made landfall in Florida on Wednesday where he immediately got to work battling the massive winds from Hurricane Ian. Never content to report from the sidelines, Cantore stood in the middle of the street as Ian pummeled Tampa with heavy rains and winds up to 155 mph. There was so much debris that Cantore got hit with a tree, one of several, that came flying down the street.

After taking a hit from the wayward tree, Cantore began slowly making his way to the sidewalk as his colleagues urged him to come in. Naturally, Cantore repeatedly said he was fine even as he struggled to remain upright while holding onto a street sign that was already bending in the wind. (There was already a sign on the ground next to him, making his situation look even more tenuous.) Fortunately, Cantore eventually made it to safety, but it was only a matter of time until he was back out there in the punishing winds.

As Hurricane Ian continues to move across the state, leaving a path of destruction in its wake, it will be interesting to see how many times Cantore will stare death in the face while Floridians wisely shelter in place.

You can see more people marveling at Cantore’s love for standing in hurricanes below:

(Via Gifdsports on Twitter)