Ron DeSantis’ Glitchy, Audio-Only Twitter Spaces Campaign Announcement Was An Elon Musk-ian Disaster

Eight years ago, Donald Trump announced his first-ever presidential campaign by descending a golden escalator. It was a tacky, ridiculous way to announce one’s gunning for the most powerful job in the world. But it sure was better than what gaffe-prone Ron DeSantis did, which was team up with Elon Musk for an announcement that was inevitably plagued with glitches and headaches.

DeSantis’ much-hyped, outside-the-box announcement was scheduled to kick off at 6pm EST on Twitter Spaces. Perhaps in the Jack Dorsey era, such an ambitious volley would have gone off with flying colors. Not so in the Musk era, when a large chunk of the service’s staff was unceremoniously canned.

The Guardian tracked the disaster in real time. First off, it was audio-only, perhaps so as to hide any weird faces the Florida governor might have made. But the audio had bad feedback. What’s more, many reported that the event was causing their apps to crash.

“We got so many people here that we are kind of melting the servers, which is a good sign,” said Republican donor and Musk pal David Sacks.

DeSantis was noticeably quiet. Even 20 minutes in, he had yet to say a word. Then, 21 minutes in, the Space appeared to crash. The event had to move to another room, where glitches seemed to abate and DeSantis finally spoke about COVID restrictions and declared there’s “no substitute for victory.”

But people really couldn’t get over what a crapshow the whole thing was.

Many people noticed all the crashing and glitches.

For some, the Spaces event just plain wasn’t working.

People got kicked out.

Others complained that this presidential campaign announcement was oddly audio-only.

Little about it inspired confidence in either the guy trailing behind Donald Trump in the polls nor the guy who runs three major tech companies.

There were jokes.

Eventually DeSantis got trolled by an 80-year-old man.

Perhaps this whole disaster should give Tucker Carlson an idea of what he’s in for.

(Via The Guardian and The Hollywood Reporter)