Ole Puddin’ Fingers Ron DeSantis Grossed Out People By Appearing To Wipe HIs Nose Then Touch A Supporter

Florida governor Ron DeSantis is allegedly days away from finally stating the obvious: that he’s running for president against his state’s most famous resident. And yet he’s already committed one faux pas after another. He has a weird laugh, he eats pudding with his fingers, and his war with The Walt Disney Company has been going terribly. Now this.

On Friday, a brief clip went viral that appeared to show DeSantis doing another weird thing with his hands: It finds giving his nose a big wipe then immediately using that hand to pat a supporter on the shoulder.

“Did he just wipe his snot on the guy’s shirt sitting in the wheelchair?” asked former Republican-turned-anti-MAGA gadfly Ron Filipkowski. A lot of people said yes, he sure did.

Though DeSantis hasn’ yet filed paperwork for his 2024 election campaign, polls have been consistently show him getting his butt handed to him by Donald Trump, who has excelled despite — or maybe even because — of all his legal woes. When he does formally announce his run, he’ll have to pause his beef with Disney, which he’s tried to claim he didn’t start because they dared criticize his so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

(Via HuffPost)