Ol Puddin’ Fingers Ron DeSantis Debuted A Weird/Creepy New Laugh In The Course Of Kinda/Sorta Denying Eating Pudding With His Fingers

As Ron DeSantis edges closer to announcing his run for president, the Florida governor unveiled a creepy new laugh while fielding questions from Piers Morgan. In the heavily-promoted interview, which has already caused Donald Trump to pitch a fit thanks to several jabs from DeSantis, Morgan asks the potential GOP candidate about his latest “scandal” involving chocolate pudding.

After Morgan jokingly referred to the pudding cup incident as the next Watergate, DeSantis busted out a very weird and awkward laugh before responding to reports that he eats the chocolatey dessert with his fingers. In addition, DeSantis also slipped in a quick jab at Trump’s legal troubles while denying the pudding rumors.

Via Newsweek:

“I don’t remember ever doing that,” but went on to suggest he was happy the claims being made about him were not more serious.

“Maybe when I was a kid,” he added. “But it’s interesting: there’s a lot of people when they go at you, sometimes they have really good ammunition, like ‘you’re a crook, you did this, you did that.’ For me, they’re talking about pudding? Like is that really the best you’ve got? OK, bring it on.”

While the “crook” line is sure to set off Trump, Morgan has already fired back at Trump for calling him “ratings challenged” by cheekily roasting the former president over his Truth Social rant.

“I quite agree with President Trump when he said it was a terrible mistake for Ron DeSantis to let himself be interviewed by a ‘ratings-challenged gun-grabbing TV host from England. Thank goodness Donald would never do that…,” Morgan tweeted along with four pictures of Donald Trump smiling next to said ratings-challenged host.

(Via Newsweek)