Rosie O’Donnell Had An Extremely Awkward Encounter With Priyanka Chopra At Nobu That Ended With TWO TikTok Apologies

Since making her acting debut more than 20 years ago, Priyanka Chopra (a.k.a. Priyanka Chopra Jonas) has starred in the hit ABC series Quantico, appeared in big-budget Hollywood blockbusters including Baywatch and The Matrix Resurrections, been named as one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People In The World, made Forbes’s list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women, written a best-selling memoir, and married a Jonas Brother (Nick). Yet Rosie O’Donnell clearly has no idea who she is.

Still, as People reports, that didn’t stop the comedienne/former talk show host from embarrassing herself, as well as the people she was dining with, when O’Donnell told Chopra that she knew her dad—who she for some reason assumed was New Age author Deepak Chopra. (Priyanka’s father, Dr. Ashok Chopra, was a military doctor who passed away in 2013.)

O’Donnell later posted a TikTok about the humiliating incident, but only made things worse she explained:

“So when I said, ‘Hi, Nick Jonas. You were great in Kingdom’ and ‘Hi, [Priyanka]. I know your dad.’ She goes, ‘You do? Who’s my dad?’ And I’m like, ‘Deepak.’ She’s like, ‘No, and Chopra is a common name.’ … I felt so embarrassed.”

Rather than just cop to her mistake, O’Donnell asked her followers if she was the only one who thought that two people who just happen to share a very common last name and be famous were related. (Sadly, some of her followers also appeared to think that was the case.) But the “apology” turned grave when O’Donnell said: “Nick Jonas, I apologize and to the Chopra wife, I apologize too.”

The Chopra wife?!

It didn’t take long for another wave of negative backlash to form, this time for bizarrely referring to Priyanka as “the Chopra wife.” So O’Donnell set about issuing yet another apology, but stopped just short of acknowledging the very awkward way in which she referred to her, then proceeded to speak as if it were her first day using her new mouth:

“So I’m reading the comments about my [interaction with] Nick Jonas and his wife, Priyanka Chopra, who I mistakenly thought was Deepak’s daughter. People thought that she was rude. She wasn’t rude, it was just awkward. I’m sure she gets sick of that. I’m sure I’m not the only one. According to the comments, a lot of people thought that too but she’s apparently a very well-known actress and more famous than him, people were saying. So I’m sure it felt weird to her, to begin with.

Anyway, Priyanka is her name. Priyanka—I hope I’m pronouncing that right. I just want to apologize to her and to everyone who thought that it was really inappropriate of me. Sorry, sometimes I f*** up. I did at Nobu.”


priyanka is her name – i shoulda googled b4 i tiktok ed #mondayvibes

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In other shocking news: Rosie O’Donnell is not related to Lawrence O’Donnell or Chris O’Donnell.

(Via People)