Rudy Giuliani And Steve Bannon Shared A Good Chuckle About Possibly Sharing A Prison Cell While Mocking The Jan. 6th Committee

If you can’t laugh at yourself, get Steve Bannon and his closet full of skeletons to laugh at you, too. That’s the mantra Rudy Giuliani seemed to be employing on Monday, when he appeared as a guest on Bannon’s War Room podcast. After Rudy shared his opinion that Christopher Columbus gets a bad rap, Raw Story reports that the longtime Trump allies spent part of their interview mocking the House committee that’s investigating the January 6th insurrection on the Capitol that left five people dead because… hardy har har—death and delusion and traitorism are funny.

Rudy—who looked as if he was calling in from the TARDIS, or the afterlife—was telling Bannon about a mobster he once prosecuted: “I convicted him, he got 100 years in jail, but he got one of those mafia suites, where he could conduct business, get Italian food, and he was conducting his business from prison. And it was all tape-recorded.”

While it’s entirely possible that Giuliani is conflating real life with that famous Italian-dinner-in-prison scene from Goodfellas, Bannon couldn’t help but jump in with some jokes, and ask if that was the suite Rudy would be occupying when the Jan. 6 committee locked him up. Rudy—seemingly oblivious to the fact that he could very well end up being on the inside of a prison cell looking out—joked right back to Bannon:

“I don’t intend to go without you. I mean, I’m going with you and a couple other guys that sound interesting. And I’m counting on your being able to get it hooked up. We’ll do radio and television all day.”

Sadly, that could be a best-case scenario for Giuliani, New York City’s disgraced former mayor.

(Via Raw Story)