Rudy Giuliani Wants A Judge To Toss The ‘Salacious’ ‘Borat 2’ References From One Of His Upcoming Lawsuits

Last month the ever-cursed Rudy Giuliani was hit with yet more bad news: He was being sued by a former employee. The allegations by one Noelle Dunphy were wide-ranging and shocking. She claims the former “America’s Mayor” failed to pay her a promised $1 million salary. Dunphy also claims he dangled a high-profile job in front of her that never materialized, all while engaging in sexual abuse. Now Guiliani is striking back — by trying to get some of his bigger humiliations stricken from the record.

As per Insider, Giuliani filed a motion last week asking that a number of items in Dunphy’s lawsuit be tossed because, he argued, they don’t bolster her claims of sexual assault. Those include relatively frivolous tidbits, such as an unethical lawyer character on Showtime’s Billions who’s a clear stand-in for Giuliani, as well as discriminatory remarks he was caught on tape making.

Arguably the most prominent thing Giuliani wants vanished from the lawsuit is his role in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. The sequel, released in 2020, included plenty of attention-nabbing moments, as well as a break-out, Oscar-nominated turn from Maria Bakalova. Speaking of, it also featured a scene where Giuliani was caught in a, uh, compromising position with Bakalova, unaware that she wasn’t a real journalist.

As per Dunphy’s lawsuit, Giuliani acted in similar ways around her in his apartment, then forced her to give him oral sex.

“This is the very definition of a scandalous and prejudicial allegation,” Giuliani and his attorney Adam Katz wrote in their filing. “What transpired in the satirical Borat Movie – where Mr. Giuliani was tricked into thinking he was giving an interview – has no bearing or relevance on any of the causes action in the Complaint.”

According to Dunphy’s lawsuit, Guiliani demanded oral sex during a phone call with then-president Donald Trump. Giuliani has claimed that he had a consensual relationship with Dunphy “for a few months” back in 2019.

Dunphy’s attorney Justin Kelton responded to Giuliani’s motion, saying it’s “filled with misrepresentations,” and is a “transparent attempt to avoid answering Ms. Dunphy’s detailed allegations under oath.”

Giuliani is also being sued by the guy he accused of nearly killing him after he patted him on the back.

(Via Insider)