‘The Running Man: The Musical’ Doesn’t Seem To Like ‘The Hunger Games’

You may remember Jon and Al Kaplan of Legolambs for Conan: The Musical, Predator: The Musical, John Carpenter’s The Thing: The Musical, Aliens: The Musical, and Super Mario Bros: The 8-bit Opera. That is, if you were able to see them before YouTube inexplicably pulled several of their fair use parody videos.

Now they’re back with another Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, a musical love letter to The Running Man and a swearword-filled message to The Hunger Games. Here’s a sampling:

F–k you, The Hunger Games,
All the evidence is there on the screen.
Two films that seem the same,
But one’s a sh–ty version for tweens!

In The Hunger Games, the camera makes you throw up,
And you can’t even tell who is dead.
In The Running Man all of the action is clear;
Take a look how we blow up the head.

Maybe we should choose between The Running Man and The Hunger Games. WHO DO YOU LOVE?

(H/T: Blame It On The Voices)