A Chef Created A Decadent ‘Russell Brand Burger,’ And There’s Much Debate On What It Means

Russell Brand’s been on, to put it mildly, quite an Internet journey these days. The former MTV VJ-turned actor and podcaster still maintains a comedic bent, but his previously apparent left-leaning points of view (and anti-Fox News views) have, well, fallen by the wayside with apparent far-right-leaning, conspiracy-laden rants taking over, all after he hopped aboard with Matthew McConaughey’s POV about not ridiculing people who deny the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

The aforementioned Brand rants generally land on his his YouTube channel with titles like “Vaccine Mandates: An ASSAULT On Your Bodily,” and “SHOCKING Wuhan Evidence: Did Fauci LIE?” There’s some Kremlin propaganda there about the 2016 election, too, along with him supporting antivaxxer truckers, and it’s generally messy stuff. Perhaps that’s why this hamburger photo is leading to strange places.

Chef Andrew Gruel, who apparently created this concoction, is an executive chef who’s appeared on Food Network as a judge. He’s also founded a number of restaurants, including Slapfish, Big Parm, and Two Birds. He provided no immediate context for the naming of this burger, if that is, indeed, all that this photo represents. And somehow, this has led to a lot of speculation on the purported naming of the meal-and-a-half. Is this because, by chance, “That sassy British drippage is real”?

The burger, while possibly tasty (I haven’t eaten meat since age 20, so I’d never be able to say), does look rather heavy. And that’s led some people to wonder if it’s intentionally “Full of sh*t” or “Common Sense.”

Actually, Gruel weighed in on the former option, writing, “@Lady_DeirdreM I think your comment may have changed the world.”

Of course, there’s no way to tell what the tone of Gruel’s reply was. Surely, this was said in jest, but there’s not telling where the humor was aimed without more elaboration. And maybe we don’t want elaboration? It’s a decadent sammich. And a joke about Brand’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall serenade is a followup diversion.

Basically, there’s no consensus here, but “a burger with a lot to say” and “a hot mess” also surfaced as possibilities.

Is there anything vaguely political about this burger? One user asked if “there’s blue in that burger,” which is perhaps an on-the-face question about the color blue (and not intended to read into anything about affiliation) but nonetheless something to consider.

Then there’s an unavoidable factoid: Brand is a self-described vegan, which adds a whole other layer of possible analysis. This is getting out of hand.

In the end, this is a whole lot of overthinking about, you know, a burger. So, here are some veggies from Chef Gruel. Yum.