‘Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell’ Has A Truly Strange Musical Number

Probably the one genre Saints Row hasn’t explored at this point is musical numbers. But, hey, in a game that involves blowing up Hell, there is no top to go over, so why not go for broke?

That appears to be Volition’s philosophy with this standalone expansion coming in January. The number itself, found by PC Gamer, is actually a pretty good knock-off of Disney medleys. Admittedly, this being Saints Row it’s a send-up, notably of The Little Mermaid. But it does actually manage to fit in some characterization, which is more than most five-minute cutscenes pull off.

It’s also hard not to laugh at a clip that packs pretty much every musical cliche into five minutes and involves lyrics about shooting Satan in the face. Skip to 2:59 to discover just how well Daniel Dae Kim can carry a tune (SPOILER: He needs a bucket.)

That said, if there’s time, there is one classic song they really should work into the game: