'Saints Row IV' Hitting Consoles This August, And You Have Superpowers

Yes, the series that was already pretty cartoony has decided that even the tatters of reality clinging to the franchise needed to be burned away. So now you’re a supervillain.

Saints Row IV is official and coming to consoles in late August. Paired with the tasteful subtitle From the Crack House To The White House, apparently the game starts with you taking over the US, and then aliens invade and stick you inside a simulation.

If that sounds familiar, that’s because that was the exact plot of the Enter The Dominatrix DLC that THQ decided to postpone and turn into the fourth game.

And truthfully, this looks very, very similar to the last game. It would not be terribly surprising if the fourth game is just the third game with a new coat of paint, but on the other hand, running around a city like a superhero in a video game is hardly an unappealing prospect.

It’ll apparently be playable at PAX East, and we’ll make a point of trying it out.