Sally Field’s Matchmaking Attempt Paid Off As Her Son Finally Got To Meet Olympic Skater Adam Rippon

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Rejoice fans of matchmaking moms! After a lovely endorsement from Sally Field, her son Sam Greisman has finally crossed paths with Olympic hero Adam Rippon.

In February, Sam Greisman talked to his mom about a certain Olympic crush. The Oscar-minted actress took her son’s Twitter mention of the conversation and promptly relayed it to Rippon. It’s the sort of move that’s both sweethearted and liable to make your stomach drop like a busted elevator thinking about your own mom doing something similar.

Rippon was asked about the endorsement during his media rounds and was optimistic they might meet someday. That day eventually came when Greisman and Rippon crossed paths at the 2018 Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles Dinner. (Rippon was being honored with the Visibility award at the event.) Griesman shared photographic evidence that they finally met with the sharp and simple caption “Thanks, mom.”

Is romance in the air? Maybe not, but Greisman meeting his figure skater crush is a lovely enough story as is and serves as a low-key reminder that he’s on the market, eligible bachelors. Getting the coveted Sally Field endorsement might be a little trickier than it was for Adam Rippon, mind you.