Samsung Trolls Apple With A Robot Butt Cell Phone Bendability Test

The long war between Apple and Samsung has historically been fierce and thoroughly entertaining with several commercials mocking the iPhone and the cult that has risen up around it. With the release of the iPhone 6, though, things have ramped up. First there was the ad that hailed the Galaxy Note as a trailblazer before labeling the iPhone as an imitator, then there was the splendid bear-poke tweet mocking the iPhone 6’s supposed bendability issue, and now we have Samsung’s robot butts.

Similar to the tests its previous handsets had to endure, the Note 4’s subjected to a three-point bend test that pushes a metal with 25 kilograms of force to the middle of the device — you can even see the phone bend just a little during the process in the video after the break. Also, the phones apparently have to survive getting sat on by robotic buttocks that simulate the force a 220-pound person’s capable of.

To me the best part is that the robot butt is wearing mom jeans, but we haven’t yet seen the internet have fun with the fast-bounce segment of the booty bot 5000 video (my name for it) so I am certainly willing to reassess. By the way, Samsung may have its own headache on the way.

Early adopters in South Korea have discovered that there’s a gap in between the frame and the screen big enough for a business card to go through, which might even expand over time.

I wonder if Apple is readying their own sick burn video in response to the gap. Maybe a new John Hodgman/Justin Long campaign where Hodgman’s PC character is stuck in the gap like James Franco in 127 Hours and Justin Long has to scramble to get him out in time. Honestly, these ideas just come to me. Here’s another idea: ignore the gap, put your iPhone in your front pocket, or just get a flip phone. Remember the Razr craze? Those seemed comparatively problem free, didn’t they? Lets get retro with cell phones.

Source: Engadget