A San Francisco Photographer Is Taking On The City's Rent Problem With His Camera

It is apparently quite expensive to live in San Francisco right now. At least that’s according to this brain-melting infographic that shows how much $1 million will buy you in the City by the Bay, but even if you’re looking to rent in San Fran, you’re probably going to want to find about 15 or 16 roommates first, because it’s outrageous, too. This flyer from RentSFNow reveals that a studio apartment – no bedrooms, just enough space for a futon and you – costs as much as $2,295. A place with an actual bedroom? That’s going to set you back a cool $2,695 a month, but don’t forget to tack on more than a grand extra if you want a place with a parking spot.

On top of that, long-term renters are reportedly being hit with rent hikes or even eviction notices as landlords and property buyers are taking advantage of a loophole in the Ellis Act, which allows them to kick tenants out to sell the homes. Naturally, that isn’t sitting well with residents, and at least one guy, photographer Scot Hampton, is getting creative with the way he’s raising awareness. Hampton went to the store and purchased some For Rent signs, and now he took this series of photos entitled, “SF: For Rent” to help address the fact that prices are getting just a little bit ridiculous.

And like any good artistic protest, it started with Craigslist.

In addition to the banner image that he used on Craiglist, he slapped some For Rent signs on different places, each one more absurd than the next, and while it helps raise awareness for what could be the next housing bubble to burst, it’s probably also making people wonder if they could actually charge rent for a sewer.