Former Trump Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Refuses To Say If She’ll Back Her Old Boss’ Third Presidential Campaign

Did you know Donald Trump is running for president again? It’s easy to forget. After all, he’s barely — if at all — left Florida since announcing his third bid. He announced his campaign amidst a flurry of scandals and disappointments that have all but rendered him persona non grata in the party he radically changed last decade. Not even his old employees are willing to back him, at least for the time being.

One of them is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She was Trump’s second press secretary. Her tenure made her a household name, but at a cost: She did some of his dirty work. She would humiliate herself. She even spread a doctored video of CNN’s Jim Acosta “assaulting” a White House staffer, which he did not remotely do. But now, as the newly sworn in governor of Arkansas, she’s suddenly keeping her distance.

As per Mediaite, Sanders went on Fox News Sunday, where host Shannon Bream asked point blank if she’d endorse her old boss’ 2024 run. Instead, she dodged the question.

“I love the president, have a great relationship with him,” Sanders told Bream. “I know our country would be infinitely better off if he was in office right now instead of Joe Biden. But right now, my focus isn’t 2024. It’s focusing here in Arkansas and doing what we can to empower the people of this state, and make sure that I’m delivering on the promises that I laid out over the course of the last two years.”

Bream didn’t give up, though. “What kind of timeline would you have for making a decision?” she asked Sanders. “Do you want to see who else gets into the primary? Will you wait for the nominee?”

“My focus isn’t on 2024,” Sanders repeated. “It’s on what we can deliver in this legislative session. I’m not going to set an arbitrary timeline. I’m not really focused on that at all.”

Trump has a lot to be angry about these days, but it can’t feel great that one of his former employees, who as press secretary regularly dodged questions she didn’t want to or couldn’t answer, was dodging this particular question. Perhaps Trump’s fortunes will improve; he has, after all, spent his entire life avoiding responsibility for his actions. But that she would do him dirty like this at all ain’t a good sign.

(Via Mediaite)