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04.25.11 4 Comments

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Last week, I wrote about how the web, Twitter and Tumblr specifically, provides insight into the lives and minds of some of modern pop culture’s more elusive subjects of fascination: porn stars. I wrote…

Yes, snicker if you must, but the web has provided a forum outside of the traditional channels — glossed up nudie mags sold in icky places that few of us ever want to enter, must less be seen at — to gain insight into the thoughts and feelings of people who make their livings having sex on camera. In such, the internet has been a paradox of sorts to the porn business and the people who collect their paychecks from it — on the one hand it’s been bad for business financially, but on the other hand the web has gone far in tearing down the stereotype that everyone in the business is sexually deviant junkie whose father raped them repeatedly throughout childhood.

In that discussion — inspired by a Tumblr post by Stoya in which she discussed her pubic grooming preferences — I mentioned how I think Twitter and Tumblr have gone a long way in helping to humanize porn performers, to make them more a part of the mainstream.

One social media service I totally forgot to mention, however, was VYou — the fledgling site Techcruch’s Alexis Tsotsis has aptly described as “Youtube meets Formspring” — a place where people can submit questions to famous and non-famous folk alike, which then get answered with a video response. And right on cue, gang-bang/rough sex fetish goddess Sasha Grey, who was actually kinda good in Steven Soderbergh’s “The Girlfriend Experience,” joined the VYou party.

Here she is quoting Andy Warhol in a follow-up to the question, “What defines art for you?”

Visit Sasha’s Vyou page to hear her talk about her band and her book, find out how relationships are hard for porn people, which artists inspire her, and if she’s really done with porn forever. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO KNOW THESE THINGS!

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