There’s A ‘Save Sean Bean In 2012’ Web Campaign Because Of Course There Is

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04.16.12 3 Comments

As most death reel aficionados are aware, Sean Bean dies a lot. In 2011 he suffered the most renowned on screen death of his career during the first season of Game of Thrones (spoiler alert?). Luckily, real life Sean Bean has proven much more difficult to kill.

That fact aside, if some random dudes with a website have anything to say about it 2012 will be the year Sean Bean avoids a gruesome death in film or television. The sheer quantity of work on his IMDb page begs to differ, but hey, George Takei shared on Facebook, so this is a thing now. Let’s have fun with it! Sean Bean is the new Betty White! Or something!

Full graphic after the jump. Someone please direct me to the cow stampede death ASAP.

Source: Rock Paper Cynic

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