Say Hello To All Of The Babies That Were Born At 10:11 On 12/13/14

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There was no shortage of kids being born on Saturday. Given that there are about 4.5 births per second around the world, this isn’t much of a shock. The special part that kicks in here has to do with the time of birth: they were all born at 10:11 on 12/13/14.

Babies in Massachusetts, Ohio, Arizona, and Tennessee were the setting for the numerical anomaly, allowing four sets of lucky parents to welcome a healthy kid into the world and give them an extra special memory to go along with it.

Most of the parents involved also shared a lack of knowledge that they were on the verge of something special, not that we can blame them. Some didn’t even know until the hospital alerted them to the special timing. From CBS News:

Parents Jennie and Matthew Keane, of Uxbridge, hadn’t even thought of the possible numerical feat until a nurse at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester mentioned the combination.

When Jennie Keane started having contractions Friday night the time and date became part of the plan. Matthew Keane tells The Telegram & Gazette “we were laughing the whole time that she was pretty close.”

Gotta admit, it’s fairly silly but cool at the same time. The only story that’s connected to my birth is a snow storm and a severe lack of pain medication. CNN notes that there was a fifth special birth if you keep time using a 24-hour clock:

For those who go by military time, another miracle! In West Des Moines, Iowa, Maclane Thomas Flynn was born Saturday at 3:16 p.m., which translates to 12/13/14 at 15:16 in military time.

Good for them, I’m happy they’re doing well. I do have one question, though: when are the going to get a job and stop freeloading? Just because you have a funny birth story doesn’t mean you can shrug off your responsibility as a citizen. Get to it!

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