Scumbag Steve Is Now A Rapper, Released 'Scumbag Steve Overture'

Scumbag Steve is one of the Internet’s most recognizable memes. He’s like that Jackson 5 song in a way: whenever you need him, he’ll be there, assuming you need someone to personify something, well, scumbag-y. For that, he is an American icon, right up there with Socially Awkward Penguin. In a winking attempt to extend his fame, Scumbag (real name Blake Boston) created a website, Scumbag Thursdays, in which he’ll release an original rap “every thursday available free for 24 hours until it stops.”

Honestly, the first song, “Scumbag Steve Overture,” isn’t bad. I mean, it’s not good, either, but after listening to it once, I already had the refrain, “Who’s been smoking up all your weed? Scumbag Steve, Scumbag Steve” stuck in my head. What a scumbag.