Sean Hannity Got Zinged By ‘The Daily Show’ Guest Host D.L. Hughley For His ‘Freudian Slip’ About Police Brutality

While discussing police brutality following the murder of Tyre Nichols, Fox News’ Sean Hannity made a telling slip-up that did not go unnoticed by The Daily Show guest host D.L. Hughley. For his last episode, Hughley went to town on Hannity for predictably carrying water for cops whenever law enforcement is facing justified scrutiny. The comedian also took exceptional joy in catching Hannity’s inadvertent choice of words.

“You have got to hear the latest thing they’re talking about when it comes to police shooting Black people,” Hughley said before teeing up the Hannity clip. Via The Daily Beast:

“There is no systemic racism in policing,” Hannity argued. “It doesn’t exist.”

Hannity proceeded to say that “good cops” make up the “vast, overwhelming majority” of police officers before adding, “And there is a small majority of bad cops.”

“He said it!” Hughley replied. “‘Small majority of bad cops.’ Now that is a Freudian slip for your ass!”

Hughley also took Hannity to task for claiming that the police can’t be racist because white people get shot and killed by the cops, too. The comedian wasn’t buying the argument because “there are way more of them.”

“That’s like more white people die in NASCAR races than Black people, of course!” Hughley said before actually agreeing with Hannity. “But Sean is right, the police do need to stop killing white people too. Welcome to the struggle, my brother!”

(Via The Daily Beast)