Seemingly Unbeatable 30-Year-Old ‘Q*Bert’ Score Finally Toppled

For nearly three decades Rob Gerhardt’s Q*Bert score of 33,273,520 million points has been an untoppable, seemingly insurmountable goal. Records for other classic arcade games have been toppled and re-toppled numerous times since the early 80s, but Q*Bert’s score has held firm.

The longevity of Rob Gerhardt’s high score has more to do with endurance than anything else — getting 33 million points in Q*Bert takes around 70-hours. That’s nearly three full 24-hour days of playing nothing but Q*Bert, a game most people quit playing out of frustration after about 10-minutes.

Well, believe it or not a man of strong constitution and bladder finally stepped up and destroyed Rob Gerhardt’s record. Yesterday George Leutz racked up a massive high score of 37,163,080 points, a record that took 84-hours and 50-minutes to achieve. I assume the record attempt finally ended when George Leutz’s fingers fell off and/or the Q*Bert cabinet spontaneously burst into dust.

via Examiner