Selena Gomez Got Served And Now She’ll Have To Spill The Bieber Beans In Front Of A Judge

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03.30.14 5 Comments
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Selena Gomez was served with legal papers late last week, and is being subpoenaed to testify on April 23rd in a civil suit dating back to May of 2012 when Justin Bieber attacked a paparazzi in front of her in the parking lot of an outdoor shopping mall in Calabasas. Admittedly I had totally forgotten about that one, as it’s really hard to keep track of Justin Bieber’s many legal affairs.

Apparently there’s quite a bit on the table they can question Selena about, and we all know how sensitive Swaggy Tot is when it comes to his on again-off again love, so this should go splendidly. From EOnline:

The “Come and Get It” singer, who spent time with Bieber in Texas earlier this month, will also be asked to answer questions about anything she may have heard about the incident after it occurred.

Some of the other topics on the table include her “relationship with Justin, then and now,” “if she ever witnessed any use of Justin taking controlled substances” and “if she had seen any episodes of violence or anger involving Justin,” the source added.

Additionally, Gomez will be asked about  “conversations she had with Justin concerning the Duran episode and any other legal proceedings.”

It’s not like we all don’t know that Justin Bieber smokes a metric f*ckton of weed and is prone to bursts of Joffrey-like fury, the fun will be seeing how much of that fury comes out in front of a judge when Selena Gomez is being grilled about whether or not Justin Bieber cries after sex. I’ve got a feeling that someone is definitely going to be needing a “time out.”

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