Selina Meyer From 'Veep' Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

06.04.12 3 Comments

As I mentioned in a previous Mad Men discussion post, I think HBO’s Veep may be the new funniest show on television, especially if you, like me, enjoy good insult humor. Veep features some of the funniest, nastiest, most creative insulting around. Even when Selina Meyer is simply calling someone a “f*cktard,” the way she delivers takes the insult to another level. Her rant about fat people in the closing credits a couple of weeks back was just gold. And Julia Louis-Dreyfus still has a great butt, so there’s that.

So, seeing as how we’re huge fans of Bad Lip Reading’s work, we simply cannot ignore them giving one of Veep‘s fake campaign commercials the BLR treatment. Enjoy.

(HT: The Daily What)

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