Knockoff Foghorn Leghorn Sen. John Kennedy Of Louisiana Appeared To Get Emotional While Lauding The Size Of Elon Musk’s Testicles

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy is one of those guys who opens his mouth and always seems just a simple syllable away from saying something racist or otherwise inappropriate. And just yesterday, that included applauding Elon Musk — and the size of (or lack thereof) his balls.

On Wednesday, Kennedy was chatting with Fox News when he was suddenly overcome with emotion while discussing — nay, applauding — newly christened Twitter owner Elon Musk for all that he does. Oddly, the commentary was in response to a conversation about a new climate change documentary, To The End, which features Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But if anyone thought that being faced with the realities of the many ways in which we’re killing the Earth would affect Kennedy in any real way, it actually had quite the opposite impact. As The Independent reported, Kennedy said that the film actually made him “appreciate Elon Musk that much more” because of the “very courageous stand” the reluctant Twitter buyer has taken on the First Amendment.

“The man — they’re beating on him like he stole Christmas,” continued Kennedy, who loves to sound folksy. “But he’s tough. He’s tough as a pine knot. And the man’s got guts. He’s got oranges the size of beach balls… And thanks to Elon Musk, we’re going to have to get some new conspiracy theories because the old ones turned out all to be true.”

Maybe we can start with how Musk has oranges for testicles — and that they’re the size of beach balls. Which, at minimum, seems like a visit to the ER should be at the top of his to do list.

(Via The Independent)