Seth MacFarlane Wants To End Family Guy And Relaunch Star Trek TV Show Instead

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10.13.11 4 Comments

Last year, all of Seth MacFarlane’s various programs generated about $200 million in ad revenue. Those properties include Family Guy, American Dad!, and The Cleveland Show, all of which I am told are actually different shows. It’s true! MacFarlane also released a big band album (Music Is Better Than Words), has a film coming out next year (Ted), roasted Charlie Sheen for Comedy Central, is developing a Flinstones series, is making a sequel to Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, and is pitching another animated TV series which will surely be distinguishable from the other ones.

As if he wasn’t making us feel lazy enough already, MacFarlane told The Hollywood Reporter that there’s another project he wishes he could take on: relaunching a Star Trek TV series. At least he might eliminate one project before picking up another; he also said he’s somewhat hoping Family Guy will get canceled:

“Part of me thinks that Family Guy should have already ended. I think seven seasons is about the right lifespan for a TV series,” he says of a show that launched its tenth season last month. […] MacFarlane is particularly eager to reboot one of his favorite franchises, Star Trek, for TV. “I don’t know who would give me the keys to that car,” he jokes, acknowledging that the films have been so profitable for Paramount that he isn’t so sure they have a lot of interest in getting back into the TV business. “But I’d love to see that franchise revived for television in the way that it was in the 1990s: very thoughtful, smartly written stories that transcend the science fiction audience.” [THR]

Seth MacFarlane wants to relaunch Star Trek and I want a pony. We’ll see which happens first. Just to make it easier to guess, there’s a horse stable near here that doesn’t have very good security. I might have a pony chilling in my kitchen right now. You don’t know. (But, if the cops ask, I totally don’t have a pony. We cool?)

And I know some people really hate Family Guy now, to which I can only say this:

Haters gon’ hate.

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